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YOU are exactly right with us!
YOUR training in the greenest print shop.

Do something with media! That's not a slogan for us, because we train you with multimedia. Regardless of whether you are a print media technologist, print processing media technologist or digital & print media designer, become part of the ARNOLD group and learn to implement technically analog and digital media.  


Apply now  quickly and easily by e-mail to our advertised apprenticeship positions:

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You will find more information and job descriptions for our apprenticeships below:

Media technologist for printing

Media technologist print processing

Media designer digital & print


Media technologist


Media technologists in the field of printing use various machines and processes to produce printed products, such as advertising material, newspapers, magazines, books and  Packagings.


They analyze the print jobs for technical feasibility and check whether the print data is complete and usable. They also plan the workflow, check printing forms, some of which they also produce themselves, or prepare data for digital printing processes.

Once the printing presses have been set up and the color and substrate have been coordinated, the media technologists create test prints that are presented to the customer for approval. During the largely automated printing process, they monitor the accuracy of the print and the ink metering in order to ensure a consistently high quality of the end product.


Depending on the order, they refine the finished printed sheet by varnishing or laminating. The further processing to the end product (folding, cutting, binding) can also be part of your tasks. After printing, they clean the machines, check their functions or replace parts.

Vocational training:  dual
Focus: offset printing
Regular duration of training
: 3 years

Auslage Falzmaschine

Media technologist

Print processing

Media technologists in the field of print processing produce print products in integrated processes. They check the printed sheets coming from the printing shop and select the suitable processing technologies and processes based on economic, technical and ecological aspects.


You set up or configure the processing plants and process control systems and ensure that the necessary production resources are available.

In newspaper production they monitor, for example, inserting, distribution and removal systems. In book production they process the sheets coming from the press with cutting, collating and binding units, for example, or in commercial production they produce brochures with folding and
Finishing techniques ready.


With test runs they determine whether the order requirements are met.  Then they start the production process, which they continuously control and monitor. They intervene in the event of malfunctions and ensure regular maintenance and servicing of the systems.

Vocational training:  dual
Focus: industrial bookbinders
Regular duration of training: 3 years


Media designer

Digital & print

Media designers digital & print specializing in design and technology create the layout for print media and combine text, image and video files into multimedia contributions, e.g. for networks and social media channels.


They also design stamps and signs. You edit photographs, program websites, maintain online applications and create 3D presentations. They prepare elements that are used in different media (cross media publishing) in different ways. For example, they provide photographs for a print catalog and the same images, but in a lower resolution, for an online database.


They convert print templates into printing forms, stamps or flexographic printing plates, carry out test prints, proofread texts, check color values and test whether digital products work properly. They hand over the finished products to the customer.

In the prepress stage, media designers prepare the printing process, they create digital print templates, build printing forms and add data accordingly for the respective printing process.

Vocational training:  dual
Focus: prepress and print media
Regular duration of training: 3 years

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