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The Ecology Days 2021

That was the Ecology Days 2019

In October 2019 we celebrated our 30th birthday on two days and took the opportunity to introduce our customers to all current ecological topics. Find out more below ...


That was the Ecology Days 2019 ...

What is green printing and what does the ARNOLD group do for the environment?


Two  Event days full of variety and more interesting  Conversations. They were  Ecology days on October 23 and 24, 2019, fully dedicated to sustainability.

Our visitors found experts on the respective topic at various points in the building. We gave up  completely on a boring lecture atmosphere and gave the guests the opportunity to get exactly the information that interested them at the themed stands or machines. Our partners and employees  were both  to be found in the production as well as in the office area. The visitors were  advise and inspire,  on topics like the  vegan and most ecological printing inks, the process-free printing plate, the special and unusual processing and finishing methods, the environmental and design papers, the data preparation and processing, but also visions and observations of the printing market.

When the person they wanted to talk to wasn't available, the guests enjoyed themselves  at the burger truck, coffee bike or the other delicious food stands.

Special thanks go to all cooperation partners who shared their expertise and your  Zeal supported the event and contributed to the great success.  


Have over the duration of the event  we also only made short production demonstrations to keep the noise level as low as possible and to maintain the feel-good atmosphere.

Even for guests who did not come with their own vehicle  taken care of . Thanks to our event partner Autohaus EHRL, we were able to shuttle them with hybrid and electric vehicles.

We look forward to the Ecology Days 2020 ...

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